A little background

My first exposure to painting was at age 13 when I attended a class at The Art Students’ League. And later, as a student at Pratt Institute, I had a number of drawing, painting and illustration courses. When I graduated from Pratt, my goal was to be a professional illustrator. However, my other life choices soon led me into the world of graphic design and advertising. And for the ensuing 50+ years, my artistic endeavors consisted primarily of sketching while on vacation.

Then in 2001, after moving into our country house in Ridgefield CT, I discovered my Pratt paint box with still usable oil paints, brushes, and palette. And at that moment, with the smell of paint and turpentine in my nostrils, I decided to become an artist, again. Since then, I’ve been devoting as much time to painting as I can – and to finding my “artistic voice.” The paintings displayed on this website are a representative sampling of my work since I embarked on that journey. I still have a way to go.